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Highlights of the Messages and lessons of Charles & Myrtle Fillmore and the early members of the Unity Movement. Hosted by John Zenkewich Unity Long Island-Unity Church of Hempstead
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Jun 19, 2024

In 1922 the first Unity Radio talk was given by Charles Fillmore over station WOQ in Kansas City in the middle of the night.

Today with the power of the internet and podcasting we can explore the message of Charles & Myrtle Fillmore the founders of the Unity Movement at our own convenient time and place.

I’m John Zenkewich founder and Senior Minister of Unity Long Island and Unity Church of Hempstead.

In the Unity Weekend Message, we will explore the Highlights of the Messages and Lessons of Charles & Myrtle Fillmore and the early members of the Unity Movement.

Charles Fillmore stated: “Unity is a link….

If you’re interested in the power of Affirmative Prayer, and the Spiritual Metaphysics taught by the Fillmore’s in their Practical Christianity lectures this podcast is for you. Subscribe with your favorite podcast app or visit



Feb 8, 2018

How can we be Radiant Centers of Love & Light in the world?

One way is to forgive those who "trespass" against us.

What does trespass mean to you?

1.enter the owner's land or property without permission.

"there is no excuse for trespassing on railroad property"


2.Archaic literary:

commit an offense against (a person or a set of rules).

"a man who had trespassed against Judaic law"

synonyms:sin, transgress, offend, do wrong, err, go astray, fall from grace, stray from the straight and narrow"he would be the last among us to trespass"

To be love in the world we need to be able to forgive those who Offend, Do Wrong against us.

Are you able to do that today?

Have some fun with the idea.

Love John

Oct 10, 2014

We continue our study of Catherine Ponder's The Prospering Power of Prayer and look at Chapter 5 Prayer in Pictures. 

Here is a preview of some of the ideas we will discuss this weekend:

You can picture a thing and bring it through

Rather than trying to reason it through or force it through.

You can hasten your good through picturing!


Results have to be planned.

Prosperity is a planned result.


When we visualize with the help of a Wheel of Fortune

We are really praying and imaging our good;

We are changing the current of our thinking

From negative to positive,

From despair to hope,

From discouragement to encouragement.


Keep quiet about what you are picturing,


so that you will not talk your good away.

Apr 18, 2014

Episode 12

Easter symbolizes the final overcoming in the Bible story of man's journey into light. It represents the triumph of Spiritual Consciousness over the last Outer Intimidation of man.

An adequate faith in your own ability and distinctive individuality, coupled with your faith in God, gives you strength to face life “square on”, and not retreat. You do have “what it takes”! God has built it into your inmost being. Go forth in confidence now, to claim the good new things that await you as an unbound, fearless child of God with whom all things are possible!”

On Easter Sunday when greeted with:

“Christ has Risen!” respond “Surely Christ has Risen in You!”

and know


All things are possible!